As you gaze through this window you can witness the passing of an entire day. The dawn is ushered in by the shimmering chords of Hara's acoustic guitar, and the melody of his "Sunrise" leads off this adventure in duets. Joined by Tourian's bass, the pair travel this day through standards, jazz tunes, and original compositions, interspersed by forays into the blues. Tourian's "Sunset" gives a gentle reflection on the day as the last rays of light dissipate.

Tomoya Hara and Mark Tourian

Panormo PN-001

原 とも也/アクースティック・ギター エレキ・ギター

1. 暁 (Sunrise) 8:13
by Tomoya Hara
2. Falling Grace 5:11
by Steve Swallow
3. Greasy 4:02
by Tomoya Hara and Mark Tourian
4. 波紋 (Ripples on the Water) 6:34
by Tomoya Hara
5. Witchcraft 5:59
by Cy Coleman
6. Ladies Choice 5:42
by John Abercrombie
7. Big Booty 2:09
by Mark Tourian and Tomoya Hara
8. Bali Time 6:24
by Mark Tourian
9. Polka Dots and Moonbeams 6:37
by Jimmy van Heusen
10. Why You Always . . . 5:37
by Mark Tourian
11. Stablemates 4:18
by Benny Golson
12. 黄昏 (Sunset) 8:12
by Mark Tourian